Secrets of living a stress-free, joyful and peaceful life in the home for the biggest energy technology cluster in the Nordic countries

Secrets of living a stress-free, joyful and peaceful life in the home for the biggest energy technology cluster in the Nordic countries
October 18, 2017 TEDxVasa

It is a matter of many factors such as living conditions, Job, education, attitude, personality and taste, that where we are living and how we are finding life. Nowadays,more than half of world’s population living in urban areas. If you are one among them, on one hand; you would get benefit from urban farcicalities, technologies and services, but on the other hand; most probably you would not have the possibility of experiencing a stress-free and peaceful life. Vaasa, the sunniest city of Finland, is one of rare examples which has been generously offering both aspects for its
inhabitants simultaneously.
Finland is mostly known internationally by its Magical and Mythical Lapland in the north which has a close affinity with the Northern Lights were dancing all night long, Arctic Circle and Santa Claus Village or its capital, Helsinki, in the south which has a beautiful winter soul. But Western Coast of Finland by its stunning archipelago is uniquely hidden beauty of Finland which offers a variety of fascinating destinations that are easy to reach for its residents and tourists. Vaasa is today’s development, cultural, educational and tourist center of Western Finland.
As a matter of leadership development, Vaasa has the largest cluster of energy technology in the Nordic countries. We used to say, “Finland lives on its forests”, but Vaasa region and its great improvement is an elegant sample of what is Finland all about these days; Finland now is pioneer of how to formulate new approaches to science, technology, and innovation policy to meet the challenges of the humanity’s future life. Undoubtedly this growth and advancement wouldn’t have been possible
without recognition of the importance of collaboration between industry and Higher Education Network. Vaasa group of Higher Education consists of five prestigious institutions which offer multidisciplinary topics with a practical orientation.
With all these magnificent achievements in the area of urbanization and development of Vaasa region, let’s take a look to the other side of the coin where it fulfill this area with absolutely stunning Nature and it’s an affirmations for peaceful and joyful life and key to stress-free lifestyle. Vaasa is shielded from the open sea by the many islands in the archipelago and it provides breathtaking and scenic views in winter and summer that combine dense forest, sand beaches, snow, ice, sky and sea – all within a few steps of the city center. The Kvarken Archipelago, which is a UNESCO world nature heritage site, is just around the corner and you would definitely spot ancient relics there.
If you are wondering what everyone enjoys doing and what kind of activities give them pleasure after their daily work routines and tasks; you might prepare yourself to write the whole year of diary of major cultural, festive, gastronomic and sports events around Vaasa. One of the most highlighted facts about Vaasa is that the area is bilingual; Finnish and Swedish. Besides, Vaasa is the Finland’s second-most international city which has an international flavor and it makes foreigners and tourists being welcomes wholeheartedly. Wide ranges of cultural and musical events happening all around the year such as the Night of the Arts, the International Nature Film Festival Wildlife and Vaasa Choir Festival.
The region offers the possibility to do a variety of different sports regardless of how talented you are and Vaasa is known for two sports in Finland: soccer and ice hockey. In case you are keenly interested in outdoor activities and hobbies, they are all easily reachable within this area; from sea Kayaking around the Virgin Islands which reminds you the sheer majesty of mother nature and makes deep inner peace, to the moments of feeling pure adrenaline rush with a skydiving experience on the
purely clean sky. Peaceful and meditative long distance skating on frozen sea with unlimited horizons, wind surfing on the waves of Gulf of Bothnia and ice swimming which promotes healing and improve circulation are other ways of enjoying life fully in the Vaasa region.

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