TEDx Vasa

22.9.2017 Vaasa, Finland



This year the TEDx Vasa event is invite only. Information about attending the main event is sent to participants by email.


TEDx Vasa has partnered with Skafferit at Ritz, who will arrange a live screening of the event. The event can accommodate 100 persons and will be free of charge. More information about the event is available on the Skafferiet at the Ritz Facebook page and their web page.

Information if you’re arranging a screening.

Live screenings of the event might also be arranged at other venues.

Currently screenings are available at

Skafferiet at Ritz (Facebook/Ritz web page)


Novia rooms W33 R409 and TB F4207 (students only)

Wärtsilä Powergate Skill (employees only)


  • Tedxvasa 2017 videos

    Wasn’t on the live event? Take a watch from http://ow.ly/lg6I30heeh4

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  • Secrets of living a stress-free, joyful and peaceful life in the home for the biggest energy technology cluster in the Nordic countries

    It is a matter of many factors such as living conditions, Job, education, attitude, personality and taste, that where we…

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  • Photos from the TEDxVasa 2017 event

    We have added photos from the event to Flickr   Big thanks to our great photographer Jan Westin.

    by TEDxVasa
  • TEDx Vasa venue selected

      We have (finallly) decided where the TEDx Vasa event will be held and will be co-operating with Hanken School…

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  • TEDx Vasa screening and streaming

    As the event is invite-only we want to provide other means to be part of the First Ever TEDx Vasa…

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  • Vaasa is one of those “good life” hidden gems most people outside Finland have never heard of.

    If you are one of those people that who to walk out of their tiny apartment directly onto a busy…

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